Why You Should Never Leave Your Fur Babies Behind


A dog is a man’s best friend. That has been proven for a lot of years since dogs, or fur companions as we call them, become one of the closest things next to family.

However, there are times when there’s a need for us to take a day away from home for school, for work, or for a short vacation that leads us to leave this poor fur baby alone.

Basically, dogs need to follow certain routines to keep them healthy and lively. You need to feed them at their scheduled time for meals. Give them water to stay hydrated. Take them for a walk or run at the park or just around the neighborhood. Or allow them to have their play time.

Without you in the house, these certain routines wouldn’t be met. And it will leave your dog getting bored at roaming around the house or worst, hangry (hungry and angry) in the house. That’s why it is so important to hire a doggy cruiser whenever you leave the house.

Today, this blog post will talk about a very few reasons why you shouldn’t leave your dogs unattended at home.

Dogs Needs to Follow Their Routines

I have said this and I will be saying it again, dogs need to follow their certain routine. Just like humans, they also have to get out of the house to get out of the bore. Dogs also have to be free from the four corners of the room, they have to run if they must, or mingle with other pets if they must.

Furbabies also don’t have enough initiative to take their own meals on time or get themselves their clean drinking water. And these fur babies routines need to be met by someone, aside from you, who would be responsible for taking extra care for them too. Best to get a doggy cruiser.

Chaining Dogs Causes Negative Behaviors

Most likely, if you are leaving your dogs in the house alone and unattended the last thing you’ll do is to chain them, getting their food and water near them and accessible enough to reach.

However, chaining dogs can result in negative behaviors for them. Basically, if you chain dogs you are actually training them to be aggressive and territorial. Although, it is really natural for dogs to be territorial, especially when they’re put in a small confined place and space or if their area is too small to roam around. Such scenarios cause for their instinct of territorialism is enhanced.

The small spaces you are giving them actually becomes a square of space they’re responsible to guard and defend, that is why anyone who’s going near them causes dogs to be aggressive, bark, even bite and snap.

Hire a Dog Cruiser

Dogs are such clingy and lovable animals that are why you need to treat them with extra special care too. Hiring a doggy cruiser for them makes it more convenient for you to leave them for work, for school or for a short vacay.