Which Door To Choose?


For many people, the decision of which storage containers Charleston best fit their needs is a decision which is as much about size as it is the doors of the container.

The doors of storage containers Phoenix have been designed to ensure that whatever the needs of a person, there is a door to suit them and those needs. Therefore, it’s important to consider each door, what it does and the advantages and disadvantages as part of the decision making process.

Cargo Doors

Cargo doors are the most popular and commonly asked for in storage containers Denver. Cargo door are the type which open up the entire front or rear of a container by way of two doors which open in the same way that cupboard or wardrobe doors would.

The huge benefit of having doors like this is that once they have been opened, they allow for complete access to the unit for larger items such as cars and vehiclesto be stored or they can be accessed by vehicles such as fork lift trucks for the purposes of loading and unloading. However, the disadvantage is that sufficient room has to be left at the front or rear of the container to allow for those doors to be opened. Therefore, they are not seen as the most space efficient option.

Side opening doors

Side opening doors work in a similar way to cargo doors but while cargo doors open the front or rear of the container, side opening doors allow for access to the side of the container. Again, they offer the benefit that larger items can be stored but they also require room to be left for the opening of the doors.

Roll up doors

Just as the doors on a garage do, roll up doors on a storage container allow a large or small opening into the container as the owner wishes but come with the huge benefit that the door rolls up into the container, therefore no room is needed for the doors to swing outwards.