What Should You Know Before Sending A Package To Pacific Islands?


Do you have any relatives or friends located in the Pacific Islands? It is certainly a wonderful place that is admired by all. Often times, you may feel the need to be in connection with the acquaintances located at this wonderful place. What would be a better idea than to send a gift or something else that may prove to be useful for your friend or relative? For this, you certainly need to hire services to send a parcel to Pacific Islands. Though it may seem to be quite simple however you need to know some important points before actually sending a package to the Pacific Islands. Some of these points are being illustrated below for benefit of all concerned.

Are the items to be sent in the package permitted?

First of all, you need to determine what items you wish to send in your parcel to Pacific Islands. It is because certain items may be restricted as per local as well as international laws for delivery of the goods. It is best to check with the relevant officials in the concerned field and decide to send only such items that are permitted at local as well as international level too.

Is there any size or weight limits?

Apart from the type of items to be sent to you, it is also important that you must know about any restrictions regarding size or the weight limits. For this, you may check with multiple sources and see what the standard limits for size and weight are for the parcels to be sent to Pacific Islands. It helps you to prepare your parcel accordingly.

Does your package have an insurance cover?

You also need to check and confirm if the relevant delivery services offer an insurance cover for the items to be sent by you overseas. Alternatively, you may opt for an exclusive insurance cover at your end so that you may remain assured of the total safety of your package and its problem-free delivery at the destined place. It also makes you liable for claims in case any damage is caused to your parcel on its way to Pacific Islands.

Do they provide proof of delivery?

Before making arrangements to send a parcel to Pacific Islands and selecting any delivery service for the same, it is also important to check and confirm if they provide you proof of delivery of your parcel. The concerned service provider must be able to provide you with some receipt or other proof of delivery either through online mode or in printed form.

What are the packaging requirements?

Definitely, you need to properly pack your parcel with some packaging materials to send the same to Pacific Islands. In this respect, you may check specific packaging requirements with various service providers and opt for packaging of your parcel accordingly. You must ensure that your parcel is totally safe by opting for multiple layers of packaging material.

Knowing all these points well-in-advance allow you to send your parcel in a safe way to its destination place including Pacific Islands.