Trek Through the Most Scenic Places Near Delhi


Undoubtedly, New Delhi is the city with its own uniqueness and cultural vibrancy. It is a place that you must visit, as it is the capital city of India. It is a place, you need to explore, as there are many fascinating things to try and places to visit in Delhi. Their cuisine will simply bring water in your mouth, whether it be samosas, chai, chaatpapdi, jalebi, or golgappas, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these amazing street food. The bazaars or markets in Delhi, is another highlight of this city, where you will find almost anything.

There are many places to see in Delhi such as Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Humayun’s Tomb, QutubMinar, and many more. Along with all these beautiful places, Delhi is also surrounded by several beautiful destinations. If weekend is nearby, then you are basically surrounded by many options to have a perfect getaway. If you are adventure seeker, then trekking is something you can definitely opt for. Trekking in Delhi is always exciting and adventurous, so if you haven’t yet given it a try, then get on with it and just do it.

Trek to DeoriatalChandrashila

This scenic camping is filled with fun and excitement. This trekking experience will surely be gorgeous and interesting. The summit climb here and forest trails are indescribable, as they are just tremendously beautiful. The snow and white landscapes will make you feel like you are on heaven itself. Three things here, which will astonish you, are the summit views, forests trail, and bird watching. This trekking is great opportunity, for the first timers to trekking, which will be an inspiring, introspective, and liberating experience, for lifetime. This trek is going to be held from December 1st, Friday, so book your tickets soon.

Manali Snow Trek 

Manali Snow Trek is held on 23rd December, Saturday, and if you are in Delhi, and looking for a short holiday trek, then don’t miss out on this opportunity of 5 to 6-day trek. So put on your gumboots, and get ready to experience the beauty of Manali, which is one of the most popular hill station, with snow covered mountains, and lush forests. It is a perfect opportunity, to enjoy the snow, along with some chit chats and music around the bonfire. You will get to trek to some amazing places such as, be in Ramsu Base Camp, then to Pulag, Naggar, Sterling Forest, and along with this also enjoy some sightseeing and shopping.

Trek to Meghalaya-Khasi Hills 

This trek is held on 26th January, Friday, and is outside of Delhi, but it will truly an awe-inspiring time. Meghalaya is known as the place which is the rainiest place in India, and it is also the cleanest village you will get to see in Asia. You will get to indulge in many adventurous activities, on this trek, with many sightseeing as well. You will get to trek through many tropical rainforests, where you will also get to see amazing waterfalls.

So just book your tickets, to these amazing trekking destinations, which will be absolute fun and adventure.