The Ens Visa Is A Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa


Most of the people know about the ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream – which allows an application for those who wants to work permanently in Australia with your employer for 2 years.

However, through direct entry stream resident visa Australia from India does not require that you work with your employer in Australia for 2 years but at least want you to pass formal skill assessment.

Skill Requirement for ENS Direct Entry:

The usual skill requirement for the direct entry stream is that you have:

  • A formal skills assessment in your occupation, and
  • Having 3 years of experience in your occupation for what you are applying for.

Skill assessment requirements depends on occupation, and understanding these requirements is the want to decided whether the Direct Entry Stream is the right option for you or not.

Generally, the formal qualification is must. If you don’t have formal qualification, then it may in some cases be possible to have a qualification issued through Recognition of prior Learning (RPL).

Much occupation requires in addition to a formal qualification for the skills assessment. Generally this would be between 1-4 years, but in some cases more work experience might be required.

English Requirement:

You should at least be known to sufficient English to get qualified in your Direct Entry Stream.  There are no exemptions to the English requirement for the Direct Entry Stream. An exemption for having at least 5 years of studies in English Medium is available for the TRTS.

Evidence of your English language ability must be provided at lodgment. It may take time so do not to worry.

Additional Fees:

From March 2018, additional fees will apply to the applicants for direct entry stream business visa Australia. The ‘Training Levy’ for ENS will be as follows:

  • $3,000: for business with turnover under $10 million.
  • $5,000: for the larger business.

Future Exemptions:

Exemptions which could be affected include exemptions for skill level, age and Australia citizens and Family Members.

What you will get:

If you receive a grant for this visa, you

  • Can live in Australia indefinitely.
  • Can study and work in Australia.
  • Will be eligible to enroll in Medicare, i.e., the Australia’s scheme used for health-related expenses and care.
  • Can apply for an Australian citizenship (only if you are eligible)
  • Can sponsor your eligible relatives for permanent residency.
  • Can travel from Australia to other countries for a span of 5 years from the date your visa granted.


You can either be in Australia or outside to be able to apply.

Length of the visit:

It is a permanent resident visa.


You will be including these people in your visa application.

  • Your child, adopted child, step child, or your partner’s child or step – child.
  • Your partner.

To include a family member, you will have to provide documentary evidences claiming your relationship with the family member. The family member must also provide their character and health requirements.