Measures To Be Taken While Working In A Clearance Company


Most of the time, people assume that moving furniture is an easy job and anyone can do it. But they are unaware of many hidden facts. There are other jobs available which needs to be done while sitting or standing on the same spot but when you talk about moving furniture then it is completely different from the rest as this requires that the person performing the task to be physically strong and fit.

Yes, there are some guidelines available regards to lifting up the furniture but most of the times many companies due to cost-cutting factors avoids such guidelines. For example, if a law says that a box of 50 kg need to be lifted by two people, but in terms of saving money they hire an individual to do the honor without considering the fact that the person might hurt his back or knee.

Being a working individual in enviro clearance business, it becomes your responsibility to look after yourself. Nothing comes above your health and it is better to take some precautionary method in advance rather than regretting on a later stage. Here you can find some useful tips which will help you to understand the facts of your job more closely. First, you need to always maintain “S” position rather than “C” position.

Now, you must be wondering what the heck is this, well it is not a rocket science, in fact, these are the body postures which guide you how you can lift things while taking care of your back and knees. When a person bends down in S position then it means that his/her back is in a straight position and whole body weight is on his/her legs. This position keeps their back safe from unwanted injuries and legally this method is implemented in many countries of the world.

And when we talk about “c” gesture then in such situations a person is bending his upper part towards down without moving their knee and this position can cost them a heap of back pain on a later stage. So never ever practice such gestures if, you want to work for long-run in the enviro clearance industry.

Second, you need to ask for helping tools and equipment while performing such tasks. Mostly, it has been found that people don’t use tools and equipment to get the job done and in the end, they hurt their body parts. As per the research you can push your body  to some extent, but the day will not be far when you will not be able to recover it if, you continue practising lifting work unethically.

To make yourself going for a long term in this enviro clearance industry it would be better to workout on an interval basis as it would allow your body to release pain from your body. But important thing is that you need to perform such physical exercise under the guidance of an expert only. If you follow all these guidelines and up-mentioned tips then you are good to go for a long run in this industry.