Know Why People Touch The Pregnant Bellies And Know The Best Reaction At That Situations


Pregnancy is one of the great responsibility for you when you will see a life is growing inside you and making the full body development inside you. There is a no doubt that it is a very special experience for any women and then they have to change their full body shape forever with a pregnant belly. This is also a great feeling that your husband or your mother touching your belly lovingly which very sweet and special moment of your life. But it is not good that any stranger women come towards you and touch your belly. This is really very scary for anyone but people think that you are appreciating them and okay with it. Many people do not even think that how will you feel if they start your belly.

Reasons for their touching

There is a normal question arise that why do people touch pregnant bellies? There are many reasons for touching your belly. Some of them think that the pregnant women will like it, someone wants to feel the movement of baby and for someone, and sometimes it is just a show off. But no one of them does not think that touching any part of your body is very bad manners, it is just like an assaulting on the privacy.

If the pregnant women do not mind anything about the touch of her belly then it is okay. Then if you want you can pamper them there is no problem. But if someone feels uncomfortable then no one has right to touch her. So women if you feel irritated by this touch you can cover your tummy by your hand and indicate them that you are not a public property only for your pregnancy. In this situation, no one has any right to judge you and touch you.

How to stop strangers to touch a pregnant belly?

It is not necessary that every stranger will touch your belly but if you have any bad experience on this then you can follow some suggestion to avoid it or stop it. Let’s know how to react when people touching your bellies.

  • Keep watch: If you go outside from your house like park or supermarket then always take care of your belly and cover it. If anyone coming towards you and want to touch your tummy then just turn away.
  • Always guard your belly: Always keep your both hand on your belly which is great for protecting you’re from the strangers.
  • Tell them No: There is no right to touch the belly of pregnant women. So the pregnant women can tell them straight no to the stranger.

Conclusion: In the world, pregnant women are basically pampered by every people and it is a really good thing. Form this sense of caring nature people want to touch the belly and show their love. But sometimes it will be irritating for the women and making their mood bad. So if you feel bad by this touch you say them no smooth way with a smile that will be good for you and the stranger. It is okay that our close member touches us but this is really bad to get a touch of unknown people.