Is It Possible To Apply For EHIC Card At The Last Moment?


EHIC card can make your Europe travel more secured and smooth. European travellers should definitely carry this EU card even if they are having their normal health insurance card with them. Those facilities that are not covered by normal health card can be efficiently fulfilled by EHIC card.

Can I apply EHIC  card at the last moment?

Many travellers ask on a frequent note that whether they can apply EHIC card at the last moment or not. The answer is no.  It is not possible to avail the benefits of EHIC card if the card has been applied last moment. If you read the website thoroughly then only you will come to know how long the authority takes for approving the card application.  If you want to get a comparatively less time then you are requested making online application only.

In case you are making the card renewed then you have to keep the expiry date in mind. You have to apply for renewal at least before 5-6 months of your travel date. If you are ordering the card for the very first time then you have to wait for the verification process to get completed. The authority will conduct necessary verifications in order to find out that whether you are eligible for getting this card or not.

You have to wait patiently until and unless you get a green signal from the authority’s end. If the verification procedure gets clear nicely then you will get the card quickly. It is in your hands to get the EHIC card on time. If you fulfill all requisite criteria and provide all necessary documents then you will surely get the card on time.

Moreover, you also need to fill-up the application form correctly and carefully. A single mistake can cost you a lot in this regard. Therefore, before making the full and final submission you have to recheck the details again and again. Cooperate with the authority especially at the time of verification otherwise you might lose the chance of getting the card on time.

You have to maintain a valid passport for gaining this kind of EU card. Passport validity needs to be checked well so that you can validate the same within given timing. If you are in extreme hurry, then you have to start preparation early without wasting a single moment. If you have made the application and willing to know about the exact timing then you can surely get connected with a customer care representative.

The representative will surely guide you in a perfect direction. If you have any queries regarding the usage of the card then also you can ask about the same to the concerned representative. If you are applying EHIC card first time then for being at the safest end you are recommended calling the customer care unit at least once. This particular step will not only make your application smoother but you can also come to know about the time of receiving the card in hand.

The same principle goes for all including kids. Every Kid should have his individual EU card for enjoying the benefits. The card needs to be physically carried during travel.