Is Hot-Desking Help Fledgling Companies To Grow

Hot-Desking Helps Fledgling Companies Grow

Business in the 21st century presents plenty of problems that previous generations simply did not need to contend with. For newcomers, there are setup costs that did not exist before the late 20th century, such as establishing an online presence and working out which of your goods and services can be offered via an eCommerce platform, rather than simply providing them in person from your premises.

However, there are several reasons why these challenges can also work to your advantage, by allowing your company to grow quickly from relatively humble beginnings.

Planting the seed

In the world of eCommerce, many customers will never visit your premises, and that means favorable addresses, such as a central London location, can be much more impressive than they might be in person.

With a plentiful range of offices to let, firms have plenty of choice over where to site their ‘headquarters’, however humble they may be.

Rent a serviced office space, and you don’t even have to spend on equipment like telephones or utility costs.

Even if you rent unfurnished office space though, you can quickly establish your company name as a recognized part in the UK capital city’s business landscape, thanks to having a London postcode.

A basis for growth

From those humble beginnings, rented office space allows you to grow in line with the success of your company – and to consolidate during leaner times, without having to pay for commercial property that’s standing empty but remains under the ownership of your cash-strapped company.

When your company is expanding, you can extend your rental contract to give you access to more space for more desks, and for a greater number of members of staff, without having to buy property outright.

In many cases, if you reach a stage where you no longer need serviced office space, you may be able to renegotiate your contract to remain in the same premises but without the serviced element, or to move to offices that are not serviced, but are located in the same building, allowing you to keep your address.

One-man bands

If you’re self-employed, you’re probably sick of being referred to as a ‘one-man band’, and here rented office space can help you to be taken more seriously than, for example, working from home or from a coffee shop.

Hot-desking gives you a professional work-space, often with computer equipment provided, along with other important professional equipment like a landline telephone, photocopier, high-speed internet access and fax machine, and often luxuries like a galley kitchen, tea-making facilities and that all-important water cooler.

You could also find the professional surroundings help you to work better, and not only by keeping you focused on your work; if you share your workplace with other professionals in similar disciplines, it’s a great way to establish new partnerships and find out what other people in your industry are doing.