Interesting Features Of Upcoming Galaxy S9


As we know, Galaxy S8 is just launched. Next year, Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch with many advanced features. The special features of the smartphone Galaxy S8 have the opportunity to connect to the monitor using a dock. It is possible to connect the mouse to the keyboard. The monitor displays the operating system from Samsung based on Android that looks like on Windows. It has a sharpened standard applications and Microsoft Office solutions. With the help of DeX, it can open a browser to work with office applications, view and even edit photos. Applications are open in full window. It runs even with the Instagram and others, but still few applications are adapted to this platform. Galaxy S9. I strongly believe Galaxy S9 will walk on the path of Galaxy S8 in terms of this feature.

If we talk about the security function of Galaxy S8, it serves very interesting features of fingerprint lock, face lock and iris recognition sensor. These features take the opportunity to unlock the device using iris or face. It is said that the face scanner can be fooled print a photo, but it is not so simple, and who will it bother? If the options above do not always work quickly, especially if you go, it all happens at lightning speed with a finger scanner, but it is not located in a very convenient location, it does not recognize a wet finger. Samsung Galaxy S9, surely, will overcome this problem by providing higher securities.

Galaxy S8 is also very much protective from dust and moisture. In Galaxy S8, moisture and dust protection standard IP68 is present. Also, Galaxy S9 will have a super hydrophobic glass coating present on it, which will help in bounce-off the water.

Pros and cons Samsung Galaxy S8


Galaxy S8 has a thin frame around the clear, bright display. Galaxy S9 is also expected to come up with a user-friendly design and a well-assembled housing, next year like S8. Galaxy S8 gives a promising support Bluetooth version 5. The Bluetooth version of Galaxy S9 will be upgraded. In addition to this, Galaxy S8 have a gorgeous sound headphones and loud external speaker. Galaxy S9 will follow the same trend. 

Cons of Galaxy S8:

In spite of the fact that Galaxy S8 has many pros, it also has many cons as well. It easily soiled the rear window, which is prone to scratches, USB connector has a  sharp edge which can be harmful sometimes. View of a premium construction smartphone can be fragile, it is necessary to dress cover. Galaxy S9 is expected to overcome this sharp edge problem in its USB connector.

There is no doubt, battery of Galaxy S8 is fast but it is not as fast as its competitors. Samsung specially pointed at his presentation that the company has adopted a set of measures designed to improve the quality of the batteries. Yet various tests are performed on the stage of the smartphone production to prevent the emergence of potential problems. Galaxy S9 will have faster batteries than can compete with many other phones.