In London Provides Long Term Solution Of Surface Water


A device or system to drain accumulates in the inner cavities of fluid (rainwater, excess fuel, oils, etc., atmospheric precipitation, or in the event of leakage When tightness) outward beyond the device, assembly or article in order to prevent damage or destruction of the device i.e. Drainage Facilities. Drainage facilities in London used to protect against the ingress of water into the construction, preservation and strengthening of the bases of the building, reducing the filtration pressure on the structure and also drainage is necessary to maintain the grounds and roads area in the dry state, to prevent rotting of the root system established plants, protection foundation and basement from excess moisture

In London in the middle of the XIX century was first made drainage system length of 850 km, to make sewage into the sea. Today at the London briquettes excrement running powerhouse. The fact was taken London sewerage – the greatest wonder of the world for its era.  Why do people put all sorts of hydraulic structures in the city? The answer is simple: in order to solve the problem of waste – where they    have been put? Photo – This is not just dirt, but also any liquid human waste. How to solve the problem of the marked ancient people? Yes, cannot be solved by simply pouring all over the fence and that calmed. But gradually the engineering thought came to dig some channels, secure them with boards, stones and even better – tile top.

The various forms of epidemics endemism and other diseases caused by impure air generated by the decomposition of animal and vegetable substances, dirt and water, as well as overcrowding of dwellings, beset the population in every corner of the kingdom.