How To Take Care Of Your Knees After Surgery


The recovery phase of knee surgery can be a challenging affair, especially when you are all on your own. In case of a few of them the first few days could be the most difficult phase. The person will be tired and in a lot of pain. It would be a frustrating time as they cannot get on their own and do things. At this point of time you would need to be patient with your bellowed one. The reason being they are going through the most difficult phase of their life.

Get to the basics

You would need to get your home sorted after the surgery. Say for example you might think up of setting a recovery room on the first floor. Do stack up food along with accessories you would need on a day to day basis. In fact do keep off items from the floor which will make you fall. Standing, or for the matter sitting as well as moving from one room to another would be difficult. In order to complete the basic daily tasks you would need someone to be around with you.

Helping with wound care along with medications

As part of the recovery phase you would need to consume medicines on time. The medications need to be gathered and if the need arises it has to be purchased from the pharmacy as well. It is better that you go on to establish a daily routine as far as medications are concerned.

Household chores

Once you are done with the surgery you would need to restrict yourself from certain household chores. The reason being you cannot sit or stand for prolonged periods of time. You can undertake some form of light task and do not commit the folly of lifting heavy weights. It would mean laundry would be out of question. If possible seek some outside help to help with your chores. You would also need someone to assist you with meal preparation or arranging your house at this point of time. It is indeed important that you have a balanced diet full of nutritious foods and the key would be to have plenty of rest.

Your appointments

It is indeed important that you keep a track of the various appointments. Maintain a calendar which will help you on being top of your appointments. In case if you do miss any appointment it could lead to further complications. So stay on top of your appointments in order to ensure a speedy recovery. The patient will not be able to move for the first 6 weeks after a surgery. It would mean that you would need to drive them or ask them to accompany for the appointment. If any issues do pose at this point of time do seek outside help.

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