Heart Problem And Heartburn In Pregnancy



Heart is that organ in the body that never rest. Days and nights, months and years it work every minute and every seconds till the body of that particular individual has life in it. It is an absolute incredibility of the heart to stay like this. And if heart fails to work for a single seconds then its time the death is knocking at the door of that person. Being the most dynamic organ in the human system heart is also very much prone to problems. Problematic heart condition while pregnant is also a very common occurring. Presently in this world death due to heart attack or what is commonly called as stroke or cardiac arrest is the number one cause. Heart is the center part of the cardiovascular system in the body. This system mainly constitutes about the blood and its circulation to every small corner in the body. Cardiovascular system is a type of network system that connects each and every organ of the body. It also consists of arteries and valves that connect and takes the blood to every corner. These arteries and valves works in accordance to the heart thus heart being the master organ for them. The main function of the heart is to pump. And pumping is characterized by a particular sound called as the LUB and the DUB.

Digestive system and Heartburn

Digestive system and heart has a lot of togetherness towards each other. Placed in very close affinity Digestive system and heart has a lot of function that complements each other. Thus any effect in the heart can affect the digestive system whereas any effect in the digestive system can affect the heart also. Heartburn is a situation that is similar to the latter one. Heartburn is often mistaken as the problem in the heart due to its name. However the actual fact is that the when the digestive system undergoes some characteristic type of problem a sensation of burning occurs in the upper part of the body. The sensation is actually felt very close to the heart. That is why it is felt like a burning in the heart. These burning sensation in the heart or more precisely in the close proximity of the heart is due to the indigestion that causes the acid content to release in the body and the sensation is felt in the upper part of the body. This indigestion mainly occurs due to improper lifestyle, unhealthy fooding habit as well as chronic digestion problem in any individual.

Heartburn in Pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy is also a very common problem. This problem is due to the improper digestive system in the pregnant body. Pregnancy weakens each and every system present in the woman’s body. Upon consultation with the doctors they suggest a heartburn medicine in pregnancy. These medicine are almost similar to that of those are prescribed in normal persons undergoing digestive problems.

Proper diet chart

It is suggested to have proper healthy meals for a pregnant woman as heavy spicy food will put pressure in their digestive system.

Fiber in the diet

Doctors suggests small meals but continuous one for the pregnant ladies. And they also suggest them to eat fiber containing food which will keep their body good.