Fun Games To Play At Children’s Parties

girls birthday party

If you really want kids to have fun at a birthday party, then you need to set up some memorable entertainment. All the food and decorations can be perfect, but if there is no good entertainment, then the party is going to stink. Now, obviously you can invest in children’s entertainers to make the party really exciting, but that may only keep the kids occupied for an hour or two. So, you are also going to need some fun games to keep them occupied. In this article, we are going to talk about some fun games that you can set up at your kid’s next party.

Hot potato

This is a classic party game and for good reason, it is easy to set up, simple to play, and tons of fun for the kids involved. For those few of you who are not familiar with the rules of hot potato. Kids stand in a circle toss a ball back and forth, while they sing a song, when the song ends, the last one with the ball is eliminated. This game is always good for some laughs and it can last for quite a while as well. Plus, there are almost no costs associated with the game. Just grab a ball that you have laying around or grab one from a nearby Preston party hire.

Balloon popping

This one requires a bit more preparation. In this game, you get a bunch of little prizes and put them in a bucket. Next, you inflate some balloons and put a piece of paper in them. Some pieces of paper will allow kids to claim a prize. Others will not. The idea is that the kids will keep popping balloons until they find a piece of paper that allows them to claim a prize. This game requires a bit of set up beforehand, but the supplies are very easy to get. You can probably get most of the supplies from your local Preston party hire.

Matching game

This game is a great way of getting children who may not know each other to interact with each other. The idea behind the game is to assign each child a character and get them to find the character that they are supposed to be matched with. For this game, all you need is some name tags (some scrap paper can also work) some safety pins. The idea is that you pin the name to their back and get the kids to figure out the name of who is on their back by asking questions to their fellow party guests. Once they figure out what their name is, they can find the character that they are supposed to be matched up with. This works best if you pick characters that kids will be familiar with (Scooby and Shaggy, Batman and Robin, etc.).