Fixing Common Problems Associated With Your Printer


Printers can resemble a maddening image, of problems to consumers. Sometimes they run through ink fast, the output quality may be flawed, paper may jam regularly or printing happens to be at a snail’s pace. Sometimes they simply refuse to print and all this makes you sit and fume. But the best aspect is that most of these situations are solvable and here are a few problems which you can associate with your printer. In the process, we have gone on to explain on how to fix common printer problems.

The printer simply refuses to print

If there is no form of error message which is emerging, ensure that the printer is connected via an Ethernet cable, Wi- fi or you are connected to the right network. The software along with the printer driver needs to be installed on the computer you want to print from. The chances are that the driver has become corrupted and if that is the case then you would need to reinstall it. You can get in touch with the tech support if the manual is not working.

The printer is too slow

Some printers are a leopard while others are snails. You may also avail the services of a slow printer to speed up the process. As far as possible avoid double sided printing, as the printer has to flip the document over to print, on both sides, which significantly slows it down. If there is an option to choose from print drivers, then you can opt to choose from a PCL driver, though PostScript drivers can print photos of high quality.

The cost involved is too much to print

The ink along with the cartridge costs in recent years has witnessed a slide but there are always ways where you can lower the ink costs and save paper as well. Think first and foremost before you print. Do you need a full document or a page or two? Print in draft mode unless you need presentation quality output. In case of many printers you have the choice between high capacity and low capacity ink. If you are buying a new printer take into account the running costs associated with the same. The rule is that the more you pay upfront cost for a printer; the lower is the running costs. So, it will be a good idea to invest in a high quality printer which will help you save a lot of money as far as printing costs are concerned.

My printing paper looks a bit shaded

 If you are not satisfied with the quality of your printing, then check the type of paper you are using. In the software settings, make it a point that you select the right format of the paper you are printing. In fact if there is a high quality paper setting you can also go on to try that. If you are changing ink very often you are bound to witness discoloration in the quality of prints.