Easy Tips To Extend Power Backup Of Home Inverter Battery


The country still faces short supply of power even in metropolitan cities, thus prompting the citizens to look out for alternate ways to illuminate their home at night. Solar panels still has not penetrated much in the market due to low production and heavy capital investment required. This is why, people looking to enjoy having lights and fans running during power outage prefer to buy inverters for their households.

Proper inverter

It is very much important to first identify the capacity required for the household and accordingly plan to buy luminous battery online India. It is the capacity required that will actually determine the type of inverter to be purchased and its power. But if the inverter is not able to provide sufficient power backup, then it will not be of much use. To extend the inverter’s capacity, a good quality cell that is both durable and reliable needs to be purchased. For the household inverter or UPS, a wise investment will be luminous battery.

Power supply can be derived during power outages by using the inverter. But the performance of the inverter definitely depends upon the capacity and quality of the cell. The cell can be referred to as the inverter’s backbone since it is held responsible for its long life and good performance. For better and longer backup life, the inverter needs to be properly maintained.

Tips to maintain properly the battery

The most common of all complaints faced across the globe among users is that the inverter does not provide sufficient backup. Without its proper and timely maintenance, it is simply not possible to get adequate backup, especially when needed. If optimum backup time is expected, then following the below mentioned guidance and tips can help to achieve the objective.

  • Small inverter or UPS having limited power supply is likely to provide shorter backup time. Firstly, average power consumption is to be reduced. This is possible by switching off additional unwanted power load. Managing the needs can help increase power backup.
  • It will be wise to use energy saving devices when using the inverter. This is because, it consumes very little power from inverter cell, thus lasting for a long time. More high energy consuming item used will only mean quicker consumption of power and depletion of the battery life much faster. Hence, one should use LED bulbs that offer good light and consume less energy. Good quality copper wire is also to be used for the wiring to decrease UPS load.
  • For proper care, the accumulator is to be charged the correct way. It is to be charged regularly. Only superior quality cell is to be used for the replacement. The best branded accumulator can be expected to last longer when compared to cheap ones that may fail prematurely.
  • The water level is to be maintained at the accurate level and accumulator terminal is to be free from corrosion and rust. Otherwise, there will be poor performance and less duration of service offered. If less power outages are experienced, discharge cell completely at least once every month for increasing life and efficiency of the accumulator.

Luminous ups battery buy online is a better way to save precious money and enjoy good performance at all times.