Brain Surgeries Are Critical


A surgery which is done in the part of a human brain called cranium is named as craniotomy surgery. Cranium is a certain portion of a skull which actually protects the brain.

Human skull is actually made of 20 types of bones and among those 20 bones there are 8 types which form the cranial skull. When an individual is a child, these bines remain separate and give the brain the perfect space to grow. Once it is developed and when an individual becomes adult, these bones are fused together and leave very small places for the blood vessels and nerves.

The price of craniotomy surgery in India depends on the complications and urgency of it. In this surgery, a part of the skull which is also called as the bone flap is removed or opened so that the surgeon can have clear access to the brain. Then they perform a biopsy or recue the intracranial pressure. Then the bones are returned to its usual places and metal plates and screws are used to secure it. But when the bone flap is removed completely, it is known as the craniotomy.

There are various types of craniotomy performed which depends on how much and which portion of the brain is affected and what is the technique that it going to be used to perform the surgery. Also the surgery is named after the part of the brain which is going to be operated. It can be front temporal part of the brain or the parietal.

Brain surgeries are mainly performed by the neurosurgeons and they can also be specialised in head and neck injury surgery. But craniotomy is a purely skull based surgery.

Why one should go for a craniotomy surgery?

Well, it is majorly referred by the doctor depending on the condition of one’s brain. If there is a brain tumour (malignant or benign) or a traumatic injury then there can be these kinds of surgeries. If there is an intracranial bleeding which is the accumulation of blood in the brain sue to a sudden burst of artery or if there is a huge pressure inside the wall due to some traumatic brain injury. Surgery is needed so that the brain cells do not die. One can also perform a biopsy which is also obtaining a sample tissue from the brain to do some microscopic analysis. Sometimes, this surgery is done to treat a blood clot. If there is an injury in the brain causing the platelets to group together it can block the arteries in the brain creating a huge pressure in the brain wall. Skulls can also face fractures. Brain is very soft and the skull bone can be fractured due to some heavy trauma. That is why; this surgery is needed.

But the neurosurgeon has to prepare the patient mentally and physically before they perform this surgery. After undergoing several tests the surgical impact is then decided.

Cost of craniotomy surgery treatment in India depends on the critical condition of it.