Best And Hidden Places Of Thailand You Must Visit


We are not considered to be good travelers in the world. The reason for this is that whenever we go somewhere to go somewhere, instead of doing some adventure, we stay in a comfortable hotel, and we do not like any experiment with food. Deal wiki But is that correct? When life gets only once, why not see all its colors and live it. I think for this we should leave this comfortable life and move towards those places where people are still unknown. In this case, Thailand with wonders can be a good option. You will be thrilled with the first step here. There is an unmatched combination of fun and adventure in this country. If you want to see the real beauty here, you have to go to those places which are hidden from the eyes of the world. We are telling you about some places of Thailand you should definitely go here.


If you have got bored with the crowded and commercialized beach, but still you like it all then go to KhaoLak. There are huge and beautiful among them, and the hills covered with greenery of trees that look after them make their four-moon beauties. The forests of the forests, the structures of stones and the island are wonderful. On the same distance there is KhaoSok National Park, where the world’s largest and unique flower rafflesia is found. At this National Park Rainforest Guest House, you can stay at night at affordable prices. The drive from KhaoSok to KhaoLak will make you mesmerized.


The whole island is flat and you can have fun at the bike here. Dense tropical forest, natural mangroves, shaded scattered culture of different colors and guests of the guest, a wonderful place to eat, along with a wonderful place to eat, will make the memories you spend here. This island is considered the most beautiful throughout Thailand. In this midst, white sand and sea waves spread far and wide will touch your heart. If you like to advertise, then stand on your feet. Apart from going through the narrow path leading to the forest caves, mountain tunnels, cathedral shapes, you will have the exciting experience of seeing seawater-made stellactites and stalagmites. Apart from this Kohima is also known worldwide for adventure sports and its amazing coral reefs.


SuratThani means “City of Good People” In ancient times, here was the right of the Indonesian Srivijaya Empire and it was named by King Wajirvudh. Located on the southern Gulf coast of southern Thailand, this city maintains its own identity due to its wonderful history of magnificent beauty and civilization. Although it is sad that nowadays this city is known only for those migrating to the popular coast islands. Here the Forest Mountain and the high plateaus of the West fall into the lower valleys, which are found on the eastern shore. The hill topography has made the basins of many rivers here. Especially when there is a mismatch between the Tapi river basin, there is an amazing view. There are many small restaurants in SuratThani, where Thailand’s best seafood is available at affordable prices. Visit the local market and the Folklore Museum, from where you can buy cheap jewelry, clothes and historical things.


Kanchanaburi received the fame for the first time with David Leen’s 1957 film “Bridge over the River Kai”. Whereas “Death Railway” is remembered today as being made alive by prisoners of war. Well it is enough to get to know the history that will make it a goose hugging here. But let us tell you that in this province of Thailand there is a lot more besides this. On the magical land of Kanchanaburi, dense forests, natural waterfalls and caves built on the hill are enough to attract any stroller. There are so many exciting things hidden in Kanchanaburi away from the image of Thailand between the life images. Visit ThungYaiNarsuan Wildlife Century to see some of the world’s Virgin Forest canopy. Have a great experience in photography of seven waterfalls of white clean water in Eravan National Park. After this, turn to the helmphire pass museum to regain history and then cross the waves through the rafts and reach the lava cave


NakhonRatchasima is famous for its agro-tourism. This place is also rich in natural beauty as well as for Khmer culture and history. Nature lovers can see 112 species of animals and 320 species of birds in KhaoYai National Park here. Not only this, trekking and camping fun can also be taken in the park. Fimae Historical Park is an old Khmer historical site. The architecture of circular structures carved here corresponds well with Cambodia’s Ankurvat. In NakhonRatchasima, local people prepare Dan Quien handicrafts and Maat Me Silk. While traveling to The Jim Thompson Farm, you can enjoy silkworm farming, mushroom farming and large flowering fields.

Sukho Thai

Sukhothai has a fantastic past. It has come a long way in history. In 1238 AD it was founded as the capital of Thailand. Today there are more than 100 historic sites here. The famous festival LoiKrathong also started from here. In this festival there is a tradition of blowing small candles and flowers in the rivers. By joining you will feel great. Sukhothai National Park and Sea Sachhanyi Historical Park have been included in UNESCO World Heritage. Sukhothai is also famous for hand-made gold necklaces, bangles, bracelets, sticks, ornaments etc.

Chiang Rai

One of the most beautiful temples of Thailand, Chiang Rai Temple is located approximately 5 kilometers away from Chiang Mai. More people do not know about this place. Let us tell you that here the relics of ancient civilization, the holy place of Buddhism, as well as natural beauty and wildlife can be seen. The Golden Triangle of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand are right here and it was once the main center of the opium trade. You can spend a few moments of peace away from crowded cities like Chiang Mai. After a short walk, you will find yourself among the hill tribes of Thailand. Even after the entry of modern civilization in the Thai lifestyle, the people here are living with their traditional ways.


Ayutthaya is a devastated city situated on the Bangkok-Chiang Mai railroad, which is a witness to the long and prosperous Siamese history. Here are some temples, whose architecture seems centuries old. In its prosperous period it was also known as the metropolis of art and commerce. During the invasion of Myanmar in 1767, its beautiful sites were destroyed and since then it has been deserted. Today, there is a confluence of Thai art, culture, history and divine nature. This city, situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, still has many historical temples and places in the form of unsurpassed specimens of architecture. The old town of Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-in Summer Palace and Wat Chai Vatanaram are some of them. In this district Chao Phraya River is used as a trade route. It is a wonderful experience to look at Ayutthaya while relaxing on the river cruise.

All the above mentioned sights can be easily reached by reaching Bangkok. Their low popularity is their biggest strength. This destination attracts tourists who wish to spend a few moments of peace away from the crowd of Bangkok. Just want to tell you if you want to walk alone or go somewhere with the family, then go to these eight untouched places. Believe it will be the best moments of your life.

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