Astrology – Am I Safe Along With You, Sun In Cancer?


In astrology the crab symbolizes Cancer; recall the Crab has an extremely rough outer casing to secure its soft meat that was succulent. Often the Cancer shows this kind of tough outside we never reach go through the soft side that is sensitive.

Occasionally when the Cancer kid was growing up she experienced a sudden anxiety about being left that create a notion it is dangerous to let go. It typically is a scenario that is benign but had impact a kid. It may be an occasion for example father or mother needing to check within a huge thunderstorm using a power outage that made the Cancer kid that is fearful alone, dangerous and frightened. Or briefly becoming lost or disoriented in a bunch; encompassed by folks that were unusual and unknown land. Fixing the anxiety about being left is essential for the Cancer man.

Another astrology index for the Cancer man revolves around family. The Cancer is sensitive to the idea of family or more attuned than many others. This doesn’t mean they grew up in an ideal family, or they have an ideal family, but that there’s a problem about what does family mean? What’s family?

Occasionally this may suggest they’re the man that’s relegated to care for family, for example determining how to proceed over an aging parent. Other times it may mean a disaster in regards to determining to really have a kid, or attempting to have nature and a kid not working the manner one expects when you determine you want to get pregnant.

It’s the type of Cancer put and to nurture energy and effort towards someone they care about. This energy and effort put forth can be in even a rescued pet, a pal, a lover or work.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily occur and the primary instinct may be to supply a more attempt in anticipation to the work or relationship the attention they need will return to them.

The development for Cancer comes when she feels safe on earth around her, she will not fear being left and the internal basis is protected. Astrology is an area that is complicated and we have Cancer in our graphs. When you examine your own life through the opinion of an astrologer and realize your astrology chart you may have grow spiritually and tools needed to get a more joyful life.