A Ferry Trip To Bintan From Singapore Is Made Easy With Online Booking!


Development of internet has greatly increased the possibilities of traveling to various places around the world. And it is also helpful in the pre selection of the places that are to be visited. And making the necessary arrangements is also made easy with the availability of the internet. These arrangements would include planning the mode of transport and booking the tickets for travel and also helps in deciding the place to stay. Thus apart from the normal modes of transports like roadways, railways, and airways, these websites also help in booking tickets through waterways by means of ferry services. There are various websites that provide these facilities. One among them would include easybook.com, which makes it possible to book a ferry from singapore to bintan Island.

An adventurous and a fun trip!

Though there are many islands around Singapore one of the most visited ones would be the Bintan Island. What makes it so special? This island provides various activities like mountain trekking, biking, and water rides with boats, kayaks, and jet skies are some of them. And they also provide tours among mangrove forests and these tours are arranged during the night sessions as it would be the best way to enjoy the beauty of the fireflies. And they also provide mountain services, like trekking the Gunung Mountain which serves as the home for varieties of rare animals along with the waterfalls. And to be at the top of the mountain to enjoy the view of the island is a gift. And there are resort services in Bintan Island. And they provide various adventurous activities like mountain biking.

And the Bintan also comprises of the wild park for the preservation of its natural ecosystem. One of such park is Bintan Elephant Park. In these parks, they provide elephant rides and other fun activities. This island was once a trading center among the people from various countries like Britain, India, china and Netherlands. And later it was captured by the Dutch people until 1942, after which the china started taking control over it. And finally, at the year of 1945, it becomes a part of the Indonesia and its capital is Tanjung Pinang.

Bintan a pirate island!

Bintan also has a very old historical background; it contains religious places that serve as a proof of their cultural heritage. One among such would be banyan tree temple which is 1000 years old, apart from this it also contains some other Chinese temples among those three of the temples are 100 years older with the beautiful paintings on the walls of the temple. And this island has also been the home for Malay pirates who are involved in looting the cargos from the other trading ships of the neighboring countries. And to travel to such a place of historical and cultural importance, ferries are the major mode of transport. And the most popular site on this island would be the Singapore which is a travel distance of few hours; there are ferries available from Tanah Merah Singapore to Tanjung Pinang of Bintan Island. This travel begins as early as 8. 10 AM and is available until 8 PM in Singapore. Thus booking a ticket for a ferry from singapore to bintan would make this trip an easy one!